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Jersey-48"-Nat'l Merino Wool

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5–9 $31.21
10–19 $28.68
20–49 $26.99
50+ $25.31

SKU# N1993

yard(s) available: 13

Width: 48 inches

Weight: 14.2 oz. per linear yard

Color: Natural

Content: 100% Organic Merino Wool

This Merino wool jersey is wonderful to work with; you can't ask for a purer, warmer fabric. Ideal for baby sleepsacks, booties, warm hats and diaper covers, or reward your creativity with this exceptional, hard-to-find fabric as you greet the winter in a toasty-warm wool-lined jacket or incredibly cozy pajamas. Adults will love this wool jersey for light cardigans, classy wool pants, and stylish vests. Line your toddler's pants (or your own!), or add knee patches for both warmth and extended wear. (Although this fabric is fairly soft for wool jersey, some people find it still too scratchy for use right next to baby's skin (shirts, pants, etc), so do keep that in mind when planning your projects.)

Wash multiple times in extra-hot water for the most shrinkage and a softer, thicker fabric (we measured 3" shrinkage in width when using this method; your mileage may vary), wash in cold water to maintain its original state or wash in cold and then dry in your dryer to soften it slightly. You can do anything in between to get varying results.

The jersey is the natural color of the sheep's wool; use as is or add color with natural dyes. Many people who are unable to tolerate conventional woolen products find themselves unaffected by organic versions; they're surprised to discover that the intolerance is not of the wool fibers themselves but of the many chemicals that can cling to non-organic products. Buy a sample and see for yourself!