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Jersey-54"-Cloudy Grey Dynasty West Dots

1–4 $15.14
5–9 $14.00
10–19 $12.87
20–49 $12.11

SKU# N1721

yard(s) available: 5

Width: 54 inches

Weight: 6.9 oz / linear yd

Color: Dark Dot Print on Cloudy Grey

Content: 100% organic cotton

This fabric was made in the USA

Available in limited quantity

Perfect to add interest to the cloudiest of days, this fabric's about as merry as can be. Dots ranging from 1/2" to 1 3/4" in diameter are sprinkled on a cloudy gray jersey background. With minimal stretch (like most jerseys), it's such a great fabric for many different uses.

IBaby blankets and other baby items are a natural (and imagine how popular two-layer baby blankets would be, with one layer using the dots and a single-color layer on the other side), and kids gravitate towards this fabric like you wouldn't believe...