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Batting-Wool-1Lb. Bag

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SKU# 15000WBT

bag(s) available: 22

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Although not organic, World Class Wool has many of the same attributes, including a high standard of cleanliness, loft and resiliency as well as sharing the same breeds of sheep in the blend. No chemicals, pesticides or herbicides are used in the processing of this wool.

World Class Wool is imported from Wool harvested from the most premiere places in the world including South America, Australia, New Zealand and Europe. Hand-picked, the growers have met the highest standards of ethical practices that result in a high wool output. Different sheep breeds are used to create this World Class batting, including Dorset and Columbia.
Processing: After the wool is purchased it goes to a cleaning facility, or scouring plant. At the scouring plant, the wool is washed according to special requests which include using a specific soap that is known to be the mildest, most biodegradable soap available. In addition, the scour train is slowed so that the wool is more thoroughly cleaned and rinsed. 
The wool is carefully inspected to be sure that it meets the highest standards. It is then dried and baled to ship for garneting and processing. Each bale is tested before leaving the facility to make sure it meets standards.
Customers report that this wool batting is also great for use in nicotine vaporizers and for use as wadding in antique Zippo and similar lighters too!
Please note: The 1-lb. bag does not come in a full sheet and the wool is not carded.

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