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Wool Bolus Stuffing-1 Lb. Bag

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Packed in 1-lb., 9"x11"x5" bags.

The 100% Organic Wool Bolus is essentially pre-felted and arrives in little clumpy bumps that retain its springiness much longer than a more consistent organic wool batting/stuffing choice, and is very similar to a down pillow in texture and use.

Use - Standard pillows use a minimum of 2-3 lbs. of stuffing, depending on how firm a pillow is wanted. A King-sized pillow will use a minimum of 3 to 4 lbs. We recommend covering the pillow with a fairly heavy fabric -- a twill rather than a sateen, for instance -- to help even out the feel of the little bits.

Washing - Because it's essentially pre-felted we strongly recommend hand-washing in cold water, though you can certainly try machine-washing on delicate and hanging to dry (do not use heat drying) While the pillow is drying, it is important to gently tease apart the bolus bits so the pillow remains lofty.

The organic wool used in this wool bolus stuffing is from sheep raised organically in the United States, and it is processed in California.

Processing - Organic wool processing is, of course, much kinder to both the fibers and the planet; mild biodegradable soap is used, much of the wastewater is recycled, harsh chemicals are never used to remove plant matter tangled in the fleeces, and the fibers aren't bleached. There are other differences to conventional processing too -- the wool isn't carbonized or chemically crimped, the sheep aren't dipped in pesticides or subject to mulesing, and the sheep have a proper amount of well-managed pastureland. 

The mill works with farmers to encourage predator-friendly approaches (using guard dogs and guard llamas to protect the sheep rather than killing the wolves and other predators that are an essential part of healthy ecosystems).




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