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Notions - Buttons

1" Buffalo Head Nickel Button

QTYPRICE PER button(s)
1–4 $2.70
5–9 $2.50
10–19 $2.30
20–49 $2.16

SKU# N1932

button(s) available: 1

Width: 1"

Content: 3/4 copper 1/4 nickel

Were you ever surprised by a buffalo-head nickel in a handful of change? Do you wish they were still in production because they're so much more interesting than what you'll find in your pocket today? The buffalo-head nickel was only in production from 1913-1938; it's also called the Indian-head nickel because there's a Native American depicted on the other side. Turning the original coins into buttons creates an item perfect for embellishing Western wear, home decor projects, and just about anything that needs a bit of added interest. You'll be surprised at all the people who do a double-take and start reminiscing about their own experiences with this classic coin.

Consider washing these buttons in mild detergent. As always, washing any items with buttons inside-out can minimize wear and tear on the buttons.

Please note: this is a discontinued item. Available only in the inventory listed.