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Notions - Buttons

Button-23mm-Bone-Carved Fish

QTYPRICE PER button(s)
1–4 $5.76
5–9 $5.33
10–19 $4.90

SKU# N2518

button(s) available: 5

15/16" (23mm) round with carved fish around edge (2 fish) - ivory colored - bone

Hand-carved in Nepal, these great buttons can look either rugged or classic. Perfect for the Pisces in your life, but the fish are also subtle enough that you don't necessarily see them immediately; indeed, one person at first saw dragon scales! Although the design isn't the same, the double fish motif is a traditional Chinese symbol of marital happiness.

The bones are sourced from small-scale food industries -- if a family has one or two food animals, every part is used when they are slaughtered, including the bones which are turned into buttons for us. 

The buttons themselves are made in a small factory in a woman-owned business. After leaving her abusive husband, and with two small children, the owner first found a job as an illiterate maid, learned English and German from the family she worked for, and then became the first female rickshaw driver in Nepal. She started designing and carving horn, having always had an interest in handicrafts, and eventually opened a business in which she employs other people who otherwise might not have had a chance. Purchasing these buttons can make a definite difference in the lives of the crafters and their families.

Consider washing these buttons in mild detergent. As always, washing any items with buttons inside-out can minimize wear and tear on the buttons.