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Notions - Buttons

1" African Bubinga Wood Button

QTYPRICE PER button(s)
1–4 $2.02
5–9 $1.87
10–19 $1.72

SKU# N2025

button(s) available: 2

African Bubinga wood lends a deep, brownish-red color and distinctive grain patterns to this stylish toggle. Made by an American craftsperson, these toggles have myriad uses.

Wooden buttons should be washed with mild soaps or dry-cleaned. (That's the official recommendation, and we encourage you to follow it. However, we have washed wooden buttons many, many times in a washing machine with standard, environmentally-friendly soap with no degradation of quality. No guarantees at all; that's just our experience.)

Please note: this is a discontinued item. Available only in the inventory listed.