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SKU# N2051

button(s) available: 3

Either oblong or tear-shaped depending on your orientation, this unique 23-mm Tagua/Corozo button is stylish and smooth. You can't go wrong with this choice -- it'll boldly accent sweaters, bags, coats, purses, overalls, ...


The nut of a native palm tree, tagua is also known as corozo or "vegetable ivory". It looks like animal ivory, and can be both carved and dyed. Profits made from the nut's use provide a reason not to harvest South American rain forest and deplete the ozone layer.

Corozo is a 100% natural non-toxic, child safe product similar to hard resin and is made of very tightly wound organic fibers. It's very porous and takes dye extremely well. Because of it's natural grain no two buttons are exactly alike. Corozo buttons can be dry cleaned and washed, and won't crack or splinter.