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Kapok Fiber, Raw - 1 lb. Bag

Kapok Fiber, Raw - 1 lb. Bag
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1–4 $11.96
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bag(s) available: 336

Weight: 1 lb. bag  Please note that order quantities over 5-lbs. will be shipped in 5-lb. bags. Sold by weight, not by volume.

Content: 100% GOTS certified Raw Kapok Fiber


Naturally an ideal pillow stuffing, Kapok fiber is softer and lighter than down and feels like a mix between silk and cotton.  Kapok is sustainably harvested from seed pods that are dropped from the Ceiba tree.  It's a is a super comfy and eco-friendly alternative to poly fill perfect to use in pillows, duvets, upholstery, and dolls!


As the fiber is very light and designed to disperse seeds in the wind, we recommend the use of a dust mask while handling kapok.


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