Comfortable and lightweight with a delicate drape and slight stretch. 

Made In:

Width: 80 inches

Weight: 15 oz/linar yard

Content: 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton

This fabric is perfect for athletic and nonathletic apparel alike. Clothing like yoga pants, maxi dresses and skirts, and polos.

Color: Maize
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Colorgrown Herringbone-58"

Strong, durable, and absolutely beautiful -- this natural herringbone is completely incredible! Made from 100% organic cotton, grown in Texas. This is a classic herringbone weave. 

Content: 100% Organic Colorgrown Cotton

Made In: USA

Weight: 10.4 oz/sq yard

Width: 58" Inches


The material softens a bit when washed, and is incredibly versatile; you'll love it for stylish work clothing (jackets, skirts, pants, and the like) as well as substantial children's wear -- overalls, pants, vests, and so much more.

Don't stop at clothes, either -- using this great fabric to make changing pads, book covers, throw pillows, tote bags, glasses cases, ... The occasional darker fleck combines with herringbone's chevron weave to create a lovely fabric. Don't miss it!

Color: Natural
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Interlock-45"-Elk Grove Collection

This lighter weight interlock is super soft and comfortable with beautiful prints. You'll choose this for baby and toddler clothing and adult clothing alike! 

Width: 45 inches

Weight: 6 oz. per yard

Content: 100% Organic Cotton

Made In: India 

Can't envision what to make with these prints? How about this super cute toddler dress paired with our stretch jersey or these unique pillowcases

Color: Elk Fam Pool
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Colorgrown Hieroglyphics-57"

A beautiful, intriguing fabric that's absolutely perfect. Reversible, like so many of our upholstery fabrics; use both sides to add contrast and excitement to your creations. It's one of our favorite fabrics, and we think it'll become yours as well. 

57 inches

Weight: 6.9 oz. per linear yard

Content: 100% Organic Colorgrown Cotton

Made In: USA


The fantastical shapes formed by the combination of colorgrown brown and natural fibers are softened and organized by their placement within a grid. The end result? A perfect fabric for use in upholstery, clothing, and anywhere else you need visual interest.  

Color: Brown
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