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Basic Pillow Kit - Organic Cotton Sateen

This kit contains everything you need to create a comfy organic cotton pillow! Choose a toddler size, standard size, or throw pillow. Great for a beginner or child's project, very quick and easy!


Kits Include:

  • 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Natural Sateen
  • Organic Raw Cotton
  • Printed Instructions

Pillow Sizes:

Toddler: 13"x19"

Throw: 16"x16"

Standard: 20"x26"

    Makes an excellent gift for someone crafty in your life!

    Color: Toddler
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    Blanket Fabric-96"

    Width: 96 inches

    Weight: 12.5 oz. per square yard

    Content: 100% organic cotton

    This fabric is made in India. This fabric is great for making blankets of course! So heavy, yet soft and cozy, you won't be able to resist cuddling right up into it!

    Color: Blue
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    Canvas Prints (Josi Severson Collection)-58"

    Hand-drawn designs. Organic cotton canvas grown and woven in India and printed in USA using water-based inks.

    58 inches

    Weight: 9 oz. / sq yd

    Content: 100% organic cotton

    *Decadent Print is 58" wide and 12 oz and Current Print is 59" wide and 10 oz.

    Color: Bubble Up
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    Colorgrown Herringbone-58"

    Strong, durable, and absolutely beautiful -- this natural herringbone is completely incredible! Made from 100% organic cotton, grown in Texas. This is a classic herringbone weave. Made in the USA!

    Width: 58 inches

    Weight: 10.4 oz. per sq yd

    Content: 100% organic colorgrown cotton


    The material softens a bit when washed, and is incredibly versatile; you'll love it for stylish work clothing (jackets, skirts, pants, and the like) as well as substantial children's wear -- overalls, pants, vests, and so much more.

    Don't stop at clothes, either -- using this great fabric to make changing pads, book covers, throw pillows, tote bags, glasses cases, ... The occasional darker fleck combines with herringbone's chevron weave to create a lovely fabric. Don't miss it!



    Color: Natural
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    Colorgrown Hieroglyphics-57"

    A beautiful, intriguing fabric that's absolutely perfect. Reversible, like so many of our upholstery fabrics; use both sides to add contrast and excitement to your creations. It's one of our favorite fabrics, and we think it'll become yours as well. Made in the USA!


    57 inches

    Weight: 6.9 oz. per linear yard

    Content: 100% organic colorgrown cotton

    The fantastical shapes formed by the combination of colorgrown brown and natural fibers are softened and organized by their placement within a grid. The end result? A perfect fabric for use in upholstery, clothing, and anywhere else you need visual interest. 




    Color: brown
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    Colorgrown Leno-57"

    Woven in the US from US-grown organic colorgrown cotton. Perfect for summer clothes, this breezy fabric is characterized by its "mock leno" weave, in which the warp ends are grouped in the cloth (with empty spaces intervening), imitating the open structure characteristic of leno fabrics.


    57 inches

    Weight: 6.8 oz. / linear yd, 4.2 oz./ sq yd

    Content: 100% organic colorgrown cotton

    Softer with each washing, our leno weave makes glorious sachets and herb bags for the bath, and truly shines when used for summer shirts, dresses, nightgowns, and other intimate attire. Light, and with a marvelous drape, it also makes breezy curtains and flowing tablecloths, and is an excellent choice for tea towels!

    Color: Pecan
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    Felt Sewing Kits
    Make these adorable felt animals right at home! They make a great gift or a fun project for you and your children!

    Ornaments kit makes reindeer, bulb, and tree:
    • Pattern
    • Instructions
    • 1 Sheet of Brown Felt
    • 1 Sheet of Grey Felt
    • 1/2 Sheet Red Felt
    • 1 1/2 Sheets Green Felt
    • Black felt piece
    • White Hemp Thread
    • Brown Hemp Thread
    • Braided Ribbon
    • Lace and fabric scrap pieces
    • Cotton Batting
    Unicorn kit contains the following:
    • Pattern
    • Instructions
    • 2 Sheets of White Felt
    • 1 Sheet of Blue Felt
    • Black felt piece
    • White Hemp Thread
    • Felt Ribbon
    • Lace and scrap fabric pieces
    • Cotton Batting
    Fox kit contains the following:
    • Pattern
    • Instructions
    • 2 Sheets of Orange Felt
    • 1 Sheet of Natural Felt
    • Black felt piece
    • Orange Hemp Thread
    • Cotton Batting

    *Upon ordering these kits, you will also receive a digital download of more detailed instructions with photos, other than what is supplied in the kit.
    Color: Unicorn
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