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B2B Sateen Prints (Harmony Art Collection)-110"

100% GOTS certified organic cotton sateen. Made in India.

Weight: 4.4 oz/sq yd

Width: 110 inches

Content: 100% Organic Cotton

Hand drawn prints that you'll love to add to your collection. The 10 Flowers print runs horizontally on the fabric.

*The Evelyn, Eyes of the World, and Franklin's Tower prints all have a 300TC and a weight of 3.9 oz/sq yd. The remaining prints in this collection have a 230TC.

Also available in 55" 

Color: Whispering Grass (Orchid)
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B2B Sateen Solids (Harmony Art) - 110"

Soft, silky, and beautifully colored. Everything you want in a sateen fabric plus it is GOTS certified! Made in India.

Weight: 4.4 oz/sq yd

Width: 110 inches

Content: 100% organic cotton


*White and Natural are 113" wide 

Also available in 55"



Color: Orchid Pink
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B2B Sateen-113"-230TC

Probably our #1 bestselling fabric, this sateen fabric is soft, silky, durable, and completely GOTS-certified organic. Made in India.

Weight: 4.5 oz./sq. yd

Width: 113 inches

100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton

Our customers use this for a myriad of home applications such as sheets, pillows, drapery, and more! 


Perfect for backing quilts, making crib bedding, and other crafts: napkins, tablecloths, curtains, bags, etc., and a marvelous venue for embellishment -- sateen tends to accept screen printing or freezer paper stenciling well - is great for appliqueing on, and is fun to draw or write on using fabric markers. Oh, and did we mention that sateen makes perfectly splendid sheets?


This is a splendid material for clothing as well. It's excellent for bridal gowns; nice for more formal men's shirts, English smocks, scrubs (especially when embellished to make them more exciting), women's skirts and jackets, historical reenactment clothing, and so much more.

Color: Natural
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B2B Twill-90"-Let It Grow Print (Harmony Collection)

What's not to love about this 100% GOTS certified organic cotton twill? Fun abstract print with bright colors will make a one of a kind jacket or couch cover! Made in India.

Width: 90 inches

Weight: 7 oz./sq. yd.

Content: 100% organic cotton

This design was sparked from a picture of the ends of boards of wood stacked on top of each other. The balance of circles within squares and life within death inspires me.-Harmony

Color: Let It Grow (Brown & Aqua)
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