Hemp Twine-Waxed - 1mm-Natural

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  • QTYPRICE PER spool(s)
    1–4 $24.99
    5–9 $23.74
    10–19 $22.55
    20–49 $21.65
    50+ $20.79

$24.99/per spool(s)

product.id: 393125436


spool(s) available: 735

Content: 100% hemp, waxed, Natural, 700 ft. per spool

Made In: China

This spool of hemp twine has been covered with beeswax allowing the twine to hold a flame like a candle. This item is perfect as a natural lighter for pipes. The wax allows it to burn and at the same time gives it rigidity to allow it to hold its shape if wrapped around an item like a lighter.