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Flat Braid-Natural (Undyed)

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skein(s) available: 29

  • Undyed
  • Sold by the 25-yard skein
  • Content: 100% organic cotton
  • Color: Natural

Flat Braid measures approx. 1/8" wide and is approx. 1/32" thick. Dyed colors will always be wider because the fibers expand during the dyeing process. The undyed Natural may be enlarged slightly by soaking it in water.

This braid is made by taking 16 strands of natural organic cotton thread and braiding it on an antique shoe lace braider found in an old textile factory in South Carolina. The result is this neat braid that is soft, strong and elegant all at the same time.

Its uses are endless! It's easy to knit and the flatness of the strand adds depth and definition to your pattern. The braid can also be used for rug hooking. Since it's a tape you never have to cut strips and your whole project goes much faster. It looks just like hand dyed wool when your project is done, but it's not susceptible to moth damage. Great for use in jacket or cardigan closures, sundress ties, and corset lacing.

Many customers have used this product in weaving, paper making, garment trimming and much more.


Estimated in stock date: December 2017 

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