Wovens - Undyed


Width: 114 inches

Weight: 4.5 oz./sq. yd.

Color: Natural

Content: 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton

This fabric is made in India


A wonderful wide-width fabric which is part of our bedding collection.  Great for sheets, duvets, bedskirts and more, this is a long-lasting bedding fabric that will keep you dreaming about fields of [pesticide free] cotton at night.


Color: Natural
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Width: 60 inches

Weight: 2.0 oz./sq. yd.

Content: 100% Organic Cotton

This fabric is made in India


Voile is a delicate, soft and sheer material. We love it for window treatments, wedding gowns, or even fruit and veggie bags for the market!


Color: Natural
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Double Gauze-60"

Width: 60 inches

Weight: 3.2 oz.

Content: 100% organic cotton 

This fabric is made in India. 

Color: Natural
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Width: 55 inches

Weight: 1.8 oz/sq. yd

Content: 100% organic cotton

Made in India 

Perfect for craft projects, mosquito netting, and culinary use.  Several layers can be used in place of cheesecloth for sachets, straining yogurt, and, of course, making cheese.

Color: White
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Width: 113 inches

Weight: 6 oz./sq. yd

Content: 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton

This fabric is made in India


The ultimate luxury bedding fabric. This sateen is densely packed with pure combed, ring-spun organic cotton yarn. Super smooth, silk-like drape, and a nice heavy feel, Organic Cotton Plus is the only place you'll find organic cotton fabric with this high thread count.


Color: Natural
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Width: 60 inches

Weight: 4.5 oz/sq. yd.

Content: 100% Organic Cotton with selvage on one side only

This fabric is made in India 

A perfectly constructed sateen fabric which is smooth and soft for baby bedding, children's clothes, pillowcases and more! A great selection for eco friendly bridal gowns too. 

 Sateen is definitely one of the more multipurpose materials, and this is a great version of a wonderful fabric.

 Perfect for backing quilts, making crib bedding, and other crafts: napkins, tablecloths, curtains, bags, etc., and a marvelous venue for embellishment -- sateen tends to accept screen printing or freezer paper stenciling well - is great for appliquéing on, and is fun to draw or write on using fabric markers. Oh, and did we mention that sateen makes perfectly splendid sheets?

This is a splendid material for clothing as well. It's excellent for bridal gowns; nice for more formal men's shirts, English smocks, scrubs (especially when embellished to make them more exciting), women's skirts and jackets, historical reenactment clothing, and so much more.





Color: Natural
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Canvas-58"-100% Hemp

Width: 58 inches

Weight: 16.5 oz.

Content: 100% hemp canvas

This fabric is made in China

 This Natural 100% hemp canvas is extremely strong and durable with lots of texture. This material works very well for bags, backpacks, wallets, fanny packs, and durable upholstery. Great for tents, yurts, beach cabanas, hammocks, umbrellas, painter's drop cloths, and artists' painted floor cloths too!

Color: Natural
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