Bone Faux Cowrie Button

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Approximately 3/4" long, these buttons have been hand-carved from bone - no cowries were harmed!

Hand-carved in Nepal, each button is unique and special. Bring a fair trade flair to your garments or crafts, with these special creations.

The bones are sourced from small-scale food industries -- if a family has one or two food animals, every part is used when they are slaughtered, including the bones which are turned into buttons. We offer these bone buttons because they meet our definition of sustainability: they're created on a small scale by subsistence workers who are being fairly compensated and well treated; the animals they come from have lived their lives as essentially part of the family instead of living in a factory farm and every part of their bodies are used once they are killed.

Consider washing these buttons in mild detergent. As always, washing any items with buttons inside-out can minimize wear and tear on the buttons.

Please note: this is a discontinued item. Available only in the inventory listed.