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Hand-Crocheted Lace-50mm-Madder Red

Hand-Crocheted Lace-50mm-Madder Red
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QTYPRICE PER bundle(s)
1–4 $35.00
5–9 $32.38


bundle(s) available: 7

Color: Madder Red (Myrobalan + Indian Madder (Rubia cordifolia)

Width: 50mm, #23

Content: 100% organic cotton

Sold by the 3m bundle

This beautiful hand-crocheted lace is made with the Godavari Delta Women's Lace Co-operative which provides equitable employment to women artisans through Fair Trade production. The designs are based on historic patterns and are made from GOTS certified organic cotton. Each card holds 3 meters of lace and is available in five naturally dyed colors. Approx. width = 5 cm. Please note: expect some variation in size due to this lace being made entirely by hand.