Muslin-45"-Trellis Dawn

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  • QTYPRICE PER yard(s)
    1–4 $13.90
    5–9 $12.86
    10–19 $12.86
    20–49 $12.86
    50+ $12.86

product.id: 438880176


yard(s) available: 1

Width: 45 inches

Weight: 4.5 oz. per square yard

Content: 100% organic cotton

Color: Green/white print

Please Note: This fabric is available only in pre-cut lengths, each of a size a little over a yard apiece and sizes may vary. This is a discontinued print and available only in the inventory listed.


Low-impact dyes and pigments used in printing, and finishing methods used for softness and luster, are used in the production of these fabrics. In addition, the fabric is produced in a Fair Trade certified facility.


Minor imperfections and an off-white ground cloth may occur due to the eco-friendly means of producing Daisy Janie's organic fabrics.


The fabrics are washed with nothing but water, 3-4 times each. Nothing is added to the water, and nothing is applied to the fabrics.