2NDS- Thermal-60"- Amethyst

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    5–9 $10.75
    10–19 $9.88
    20–49 $9.88
    50+ $9.88

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SKU# AME2080(2nds)

yard(s) available: 5

Width: 60 inches

Weight: 12 oz. per linear yard

Color: Amethyst

Content: 100% organic cotton

This fabric was made in the USA

This fabric is available in pre-cut pieces with small production flaws. In this case there are random holes throughout.

Such a nice fabric, this thermal is incredibly multipurpose and fun! You'll choose this light thermal for athletic wear, casual attire, and so much more. You'll find it a nice fabric to work with and wear. A marvelous choice for baby clothes and accessories as well, it's a splendid material for blankets, hats, cardigans, gowns, etc.



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