Vegetable Dyed Eyelet Lace-20mm-Madder Red

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Color: Red (Myrobalan + Indian Madder (Rubia cordifolia)

Width: 20mm

Content: 100% organic cotton

Sold by the 5m card

Reviving historical practices, with contemporary environmental thinking and current scientific advances, trimmings are dyed by BioDye in India, with a closed loop system. BioDye uses dyes and mordants that are environmentally safe. Dyestuffs are obtained from sustainable sources such as leaves, fruits, and regenerative stems. Waste materials are biodegradable, with compost and irrigation water used to grow dye, medicinal plants and food crops for in-house consumption. Through a collaboration with village women's groups, dyeplants and firewood are collected from renewable plantations and used in fuel-efficient stoves in the dye house. BioDye also work with local farmers to support the re-introduction of indigo in agriculturally depleted regions, thereby contributing to sustainable livelihoods.


Estimated in stock date: SPRING 2018