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Fleece & French Terry

fleece [flēs]: is a general term for a fabric, often with a deep fluffy pile

french ter•ry [frenCH ˈterē]: Terry cloth is a type of cloth that features loops and soft piles of yarns, resulting in very absorbent, moisture wicking material. French Terry tends to read more » feature looping and piling of the fabric on one side only. The other side of the fabric has a flat unlooped back. Second, and perhaps one of the most valuable features of the material, is its stretch. The fabric could be called stretchy or jersey terry cloth.

Suggested uses: Yoga pants and tops, athletic wear, lightweight hoodies and sweatshirts, blankets, robes. « close text
French Terry-60"-Natural French Terry-60"-Natural SKU# 15796-03 60 | yard(s) Avail: 191
Fleece-60"-Natural Fleece-60"-Natural SKU# 15796-20 60 | yard(s) Avail: 0
Fleece-61"-Navy Fleece-61"-Navy SKU# 15796-104 | yard(s) Avail: 0
Fleece-61"-Pink Fleece-61"-Pink SKU# 15796-101 | yard(s) Avail: 0
Fleece-61"-White Fleece-61"-White SKU# 15796-105 | yard(s) Avail: 103
French Terry-56"-Nat'l-Loopy French Terry-56"-Nat'l... SKU# N1446 | yard(s) Avail: 16
Fleece-61"-Lavender Fleece-61"-Lavender SKU# 15796-103 | yard(s) Avail: 62
Fleece-61"-Baby Blue Fleece-61"-Baby Blue SKU# 15796-102 | yard(s) Avail: 22
French Terry-62"-Plum French Terry-62"-Plum SKU# 10356PLU | yard(s) Avail: -3
French Terry-62"-Graphite French Terry-62"-Graphite SKU# 10356GRA | yard(s) Avail: 28
French Terry-62"-Black French Terry-62"-Black SKU# 10356BLK | yard(s) Avail: 48
French Terry-56"-Cranberry French Terry-56"-Cranb... SKU# 10356CRAN | yard(s) Avail: 20
French Terry-34"-Nat'l-55% Hemp 45% OC French Terry-34"-Nat'l... SKU# HTCA-FT1 | yard(s) Avail: 37
Fleece-58"-Heritage Print Fleece-58"-Heritage Print SKU# JSFLEECE441 | yard(s) Avail: 50