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Fleece & French Terry

fleece [flēs]: is a general term for a fabric, often with a deep fluffy pile read more »

french ter•ry [frenCH ˈterē]: Terry cloth is a type of cloth that features loops and soft piles of yarns, resulting in very absorbent, moisture wicking material. French Terry tends to feature looping and piling of the fabric on one side only. The other side of the fabric has a flat unlooped back. Second, and perhaps one of the most valuable features of the material, is its stretch. The fabric could be called stretchy or jersey terry cloth.

Suggested uses: Yoga pants and tops, athletic wear, lightweight hoodies and sweatshirts, blankets, robes. « close text
French Terry-60"-Natural French Terry-60"-Natural SKU# 15796-03 60 | yard(s) Avail: 0
Fleece-60"-Natural Fleece-60"-Natural SKU# 15796-20 60 | yard(s) Avail: 405
French Terry-56"-Nat'l-Loopy French Terry-56"-Nat'l... SKU# N1446 | yard(s) Avail: 0
Fleece-61"-Navy Fleece-61"-Navy SKU# 15796-104 | yard(s) Avail: 107
Fleece-61"-White Fleece-61"-White SKU# 15796-105 | yard(s) Avail: 79
Fleece-61"-Pink Fleece-61"-Pink SKU# 15796-101 | yard(s) Avail: 0
Fleece-61"-Lavender Fleece-61"-Lavender SKU# 15796-103 | yard(s) Avail: 49
French Terry-62"-Graphite French Terry-62"-Graphite SKU# 10356GRA | yard(s) Avail: 28
Fleece-61"-Baby Blue Fleece-61"-Baby Blue SKU# 15796-102 | yard(s) Avail: 46
French Terry-62"-Plum French Terry-62"-Plum SKU# 10356PLU | yard(s) Avail: 0
French Terry-62"-Black French Terry-62"-Black SKU# 10356BLK | yard(s) Avail: 48
Fleece-27"-Natural-Hemp/OC Fleece-27"-Natural-Hem... SKU# HB543OC | yard(s) Avail: 1
French Terry-56"-Cranberry French Terry-56"-Cranb... SKU# 10356CRAN | yard(s) Avail: 17
Fleece-58"-Heritage Print Fleece-58"-Heritage Print SKU# JSFLEECE441 | yard(s) Avail: 46