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flan•nel [flan-l]: fabric made in plain or twill weave, usually with carded yarns. It is napped, most often on both sides, the degree of napping ranging from slight to so heavy that the twill weave is obscured. read more »  

Origin: c.1500, probably from Welsh gwlanen "woolen cloth," from gwlan "wool," from Celtic *wlana -wool   Flannel is a relatively warm fabric, since still air is held in the fabric because of the napping.   

Suggested uses: sleepwear, undergarments, sheets, etc. « close text
Light Flannel-59"-Braeburn Print Light Flannel-59"-Brae... SKU# JSFLAN331 | yard(s) Avail: 50
Flannel-61"-Natural-Heavy Flannel-61"-Natural-Heavy SKU# 15708-21 60 | yard(s) Avail: 25
Flannel-45"-Orchid Flannel-45"-Orchid SKU# FLNL8813 | yard(s) Avail: 0
Flannel-45"-Citron Flannel-45"-Citron SKU# FLNL8812 | yard(s) Avail: 15
Flannel-45"-White Flannel-45"-White SKU# FLNL8811 | yard(s) Avail: 19
Flannel-45"-Grey Flannel-45"-Grey SKU# FLNL8810 | yard(s) Avail: -1
Flannel-45"-Pink Flannel-45"-Pink SKU# FLNL8809 | yard(s) Avail: 12
Flannel-45"-Blue Flannel-45"-Blue SKU# FLNL8808 | yard(s) Avail: 2
Flannel-45"-Confetti Blue Flannel-45"-Confetti Blue SKU# FLNL8807 | yard(s) Avail: 51
Flannel-45"-Confetti Orchid Flannel-45"-Confetti O... SKU# FLNL8806 | yard(s) Avail: 23
Flannel-45"-Foxes Gold Flannel-45"-Foxes Gold SKU# FLNL8805 | yard(s) Avail: 24
Flannel-45"-Foxes Blue Flannel-45"-Foxes Blue SKU# FLNL8804 | yard(s) Avail: 47
Flannel-45"-Elephant Blue Flannel-45"-Elephant Blue SKU# FLNL8802 | yard(s) Avail: 34
Flannel-45"-Elephant Turquoise Flannel-45"-Elephant T... SKU# FLNL8801 | yard(s) Avail: 31
Flannel-45"-Elephant Citron Flannel-45"-Elephant C... SKU# FLNL8800 | yard(s) Avail: 36
Flannel-56"-Monk-Harmony Art Flannel-56"-Monk-Harmo... SKU# HA-N4204 | yard(s) Avail: 67

Flannel-55"-Chili Pepper Red-Harmony Art Flannel-55"-Chili Pepp... SKU# HA15959-21 | yard(s) Avail: 994
Flannel-110"-Nat'l-Light Flannel-110"-Nat'l-Light SKU# 16121-21 110 | yard(s) Avail: 67
Flannel-55"-Nat'l-Light Flannel-55"-Nat'l-Light SKU# 16121-21 60 | yard(s) Avail: 70
Flannel-95"-Natural-Heavy Flannel-95"-Natural-Heavy SKU# 15708-21 84 | yard(s) Avail: 17
Flannel-35"-Natural-Heavy Flannel-35"-Natural-Heavy SKU# 15708 36 | yard(s) Avail: 314