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To our fellow sewers, crafters, artists, small businesspeople, and nature enthusiasts; your words of appreciation is what keeps us smiling as we're designing new craft supplies, certifying, cutting, and packing.  Your advise keeps us savvy, entrepreneurial, and focused.  THANK YOU for sharing your thoughts.


Today I received my first order of fabric from Organic Cotton Plus, and I LOVE every fabric! The colors are wonderful and the fabric feels delightful. Thank you for a quality product.

- Sue, Aug. 26, 2014


Thanks so much for offering such great fabric!

 - Cheryl, Aug. 8, 2014


I appreciate you taking the time to communicate all of my options and explain your products! I cannot wait to pick a fabric and get started!

 - Dawn, Aug. 6, 2014


Your company is wonderful!

- Jolene, Aug. 6, 2014


I'M SO DELIGHTED WITH THE QUALITY OF YOUR FABRICS! I received my order --in perfect order! I remain sincerely grateful for your products, and assistance!

- Maria Elena, Aug. 6, 2014


I bought some jersey from your store a couple weeks ago and I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the purchase. The fabric was beautiful and I was thrilled to see how quickly that you sent it out. In fact, I was so happy with the product and the service that I just placed a second order for cotton jersey and I’ll no doubt be back in the future. Thank you!

- Carolyn, Aug. 5, 2014


I truly love this shop and I've been very happy with my purchases thus far!

 - Sandra, July 22, 2014


Wow! What a treat to receive your e-mail offering your Back To School Sale. One step at a time, one stitch at a time! I am book marking your site and meanwhile just sending heaps of gratitude for the immense pleasure I experienced just looking around for a few minutes on your website and knowing that you are doing the work for the world that you are doing!
- Lelania, July 22, 2014


Just wanted to say thank you for continuing to make awesome quality and affordable organic fabrics available. whipped up this top for myself the day after my order arrived! So great to make organic clothing for myself and children, thank you!

- Melissa, July 7, 2014


Thank you for taking the time to answer my question. The descriptions are very helpful. What a great idea for a company. It's a healthy resource for those of us who are inclined toward trying to stay as close to nature as we can, or have allergy issues. Thanks again.

- Pam, June 24, 2014


I was delighted to be able to find organic cotton to make a baby quilt/blanket. The cotton sateen has a wonderful soft feel as does the flannel I am sure they will work up nicely. Can't wait to let family and friends know there is a place to get organic cottons and how nice they are. 

 - Joy, June 23, 2014


We have been very pleased with fabric and love the great selection of Organic Cotton fabrics and supplies.  Thanks for being out there!

- Allison, June 21, 2014


I am so pleased with my purchase.  Thank you so much.

 - Lynn M., June 18, 2014


I love your fabric!

- Maria O., June 6, 2014


Thanks so much for your helping me with the fabric search. You've gone the extra mile and 
I really appreciate it.
- Mike, June 5, 2014


I'm writing simply to say "Thank You." The box of scraps is completely awesome... I don't know if I got an extra great box or what, but I am super happy with the randomness that I received, and will definitely be sending my craftiest friends your way! Highly impressed and looking forward to making all kinds of things!

- Chelsea, May 30, 2014


Love my fabric!!! I search for the best Organics for my customers! I will be back! 

- Millicent, May 29, 2014


Your company's story is wonderful, and I would like to thank you for providing smaller businesses like mine the ability to experiment with and provide eco-friendly fabric products. It was extremely exciting to see the variety of fabrics available for sale, as well as the reasonable pricing.

- David, May 15, 2014


Thanks for your great selection of fabrics!

 - Lynne, May 14, 2014


Wow! Thanks for the super fast solution! I truly appreciate it and will let others know about your excellent service. 

- Nora, May 13, 2014


Thanks for the great customer service—I appreciate it!! Can’t wait to get my buttons!

- Ava, May 6, 2014


Love the site!

- Ken


Thank you for being so easy to work with and sending my order out so quickly!

- Dawn


I will tell my friends about your wonderful organic fabric selection!

- Upik


I really like your fabric, and appreciate your organic sources!

- Kinga


My family is highly allergic to soy (and consequently polyester). We have really enjoyed your fabric selection because we know we can trust it!

- Amy B.


We love the fabric that arrived today! So beautiful!

 - Barbara J.


You are always so prompt.  Thank  you for wonderful customer service.  I always come to your site first for my material. - Susan B.



Thank you for offering such a wonderful product.

 - Marie W.


I love the quality of the fabric and will continue to shop! My customers love the quality too...and I always tell them where I get my fabric!

- Michele


Thank you for the great service you perform by providing organic cotton.

- Victoria


This is the first time I've ordered from your company, and believe me it won't be the last - you really know what customer service is!

- Patricia


It's nice to have a prompt response from you..indicating great customer service (smile). Love your website.

- Linda J.


Your company has always provided great customer service!
- Cindi


Your website is very well organized and browsing around is a pleasure!

- Margaret B.


If the world was run by people as organized and caring as your company, it would be wonderful! Thank you!

- Melissa C.



I just received the heavy flannel, 95 width fabric in the mail. It is soft, but heavy weight. I am looking forward to sewing with it! I will recommend your company to others who are looking for great quality organic cotton. Thank you; it was a pleasure doing business with you!

- Elizabeth C.



I'd like to thank you for your excellent shipping speed. I have received my purchases in Hawaii much faster than most online retailers, and really appreciate the service.

- Andrew 


You guys have fabulous customer service and I sincerely appreciate your help!

- Joy


This was my first order from you and I have to say the organic cotton interlock was WONDERFUL!  I run a small design business and the organic cotton interlock is my primary fabric. You have just made my life so much better. WOW! It's incredible, and the quality & hand are really great. I am so glad that I have found you!

- Sandra


Thanks so much! The cotton is beautiful!
Karen L.


Thanks so much for the great fabrics!

- Lana L.


The order arrived Wednesday evening, and the fabric is beautiful. Great quality. Thank you for everything, including your quick e-mail response.

- Linda G.


I really appreciate your fine service and look forward to doing business with you in the future.

- Susan N.


I am very impressed with the level of customer service and the quality of materials.

 - Brooke 


Just received the cotton.  It is beautiful. It will be perfect for my dog toys. Hopefully I can help spread the word that organic is for animals too.  

- Susan G.


Wow! 5 stars for both service and information!!! Thank you and definitely I will be ordering more from your company.

- Cristina


I absolutely love your new website! I love the wide selection of products being added all the time!

- Chantal


I get my supplies for my organic baby business from Organic Cotton Plus and couldn’t be happier. Can’t believe how quickly my order gets to me! I’ll be a long term customer for sure.

- Ashley


I am really impressed not only by the customer service, but the quality of fabrics. I will definitely be shopping from organic cotton plus again. 

- Dee

I ran across your website yesterday and I just love it!

- Kristi H.

Your site has such great products!

- S W

I was so happy to find you all on line and get my hands on your fabric!! =)

- Julie

Can I just say....I just finished sewing my first sample w/your fabric! Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!! I thought so when I got it in the mail but wanted to wait until I sewed w/it before I commented.... Are you kidding! Just a joy to sew with! Both the percale and the canvas are wonderful! I am so pleased to be using your fabrics in my product! I hope I can place a bulk order soon!!! Thanks so much for making such wonderful/accessible products!

- Gwendelyn

Finally got around to opening my order - really love the terrycloth fabric!

- Clare

I have been showing your website to friends of mine. You have some really beautiful fabrics!!

- Nancy D.

The material arrived safe today. Looks great and smells very clean and natural. Thanks!

- Dana

When my fabricator was over today she looked at the sample flannel/lining and (a) was pleased with the product and (b) was pleased with the price for organic lining/innerlining. When she has other clients who prefer organic, she now know where to send them for only pennies more than conventional product. THANKS!

- Sheri

Thank you so much for going the extra mile to answer my very odd question!!! You are always so helpful.

- Valerie

I currently live in Houston, TX and have been looking for a more local source of organic cotton materials for my business for some time now. I make and sell organic cotton baby and mommy goods locally and online. It frustrates me to no end the way the textile industry ships things across the world for processing and dying instead of keeping the organic cotton local. So I am pleased as punch to find your company and do business with you!

- Donna

By the way, I really love your products. I've searched for over a decade for an organic interlock and I am simply in love with yours! Thank you for offering it.

- Robin

Also, wanted to mention that I'm happy to find your company, and a good source of organic goods. And I was nicely surprised with the fast shipping.

- Krista

The cotton looks nice and I think will work nicely for a biPAP mask as well. I doens't have an earthy odor like another pillowcase I just bought…

- Nancy H.

It was nice to hear a real pleasant voice that assisted me instead of a computer.

- Tinh

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. I've really appreciated your help with all my questions.

- Diane

Thanks for everything, such a pleasure to work with you.

- Olivia

I am so excited to be really getting going at last. You have always been so nice to deal with -

- Val

It has been a pleasure to deal with Organic Cotton Plus and we will spread the word in New Zealand so other kiwis can also purchase fabric through you as easy as we did!

- Trish F.

Hi, I just wanted to share this organic plush Rhino that Shanna's Tie Dye & I (Lily & Gus) collaborated on. Shanna dyed your heavy flannel which I made into a rhino and stuffed with your organic cotton stuffing. Thanks for making such a great product, we are so pleased with the results!

- Ashley M.

I want to thank you for your quick shipping and fantastic product! I love your organic fleece and have had a wonderful experience with my orders. Thank you!

- Kristen 

The Muslin and lace are gorgeous!

- Sandy

My experience with Organic Cotton Plus has been great. I received my order in a timely fashion and when I called to get information on a product, my questions were answered very informatively. I will be ordering again soon!

- Kathleen

Great product ! Great Customer Service! Fast shipping ! Can’t wait to reorder!

- Donecia

Excellent speed on delivery! It came so quickly, even though I had ordered on a Monday holiday. The quality of the sateen is very nice, I can’t wait to work with it!

- Rachel 

Great overall experience shopping! Quick replies to questions and quick shipping with information about tracking numbers and nicely labelled, folded fabric in the delivery.

- Katy

Very helpful and patient with my questions about their fabric. They are aware of the allergies and sensitivities a growing number of people are experiencing from the finishes applied to fabrics for wrinkle resistance, stain resistance, and appearance, many of which contain formaldehyde and other sensitizing and cancer-causing compounds. My wife and I appreciate Organic Cotton Plus’ dedication to the organic cotton market.

- P. D.

I needed fabric asap because of a mistake I had made and they were able to accommodate sending it out that day! Thanks! OCP was a life saver.

- Terri

I ordered some material. They sent it quickly. It was what I ordered, and seems to be very good quality material. Great service. The fabric was shipped in less than 24 hours. I ordered a heavy flannel and a knit fabric. Both are very high quality and at a great price.

- Michael

Great experience all around. Looking forward to doing business with you again. Cheers, Alain

- Alain

The prices on flannel were the best I have found. Quick turnaround on the order. Very pleased with company. Will order again as will many of my friends, too.

- Lisa

My purchases arrived in a very timely manner and they were carefully and thoughtfully packaged. Thank you.

- Patricia

Shipped quickly, happy with cloth. Have bought from here before and would do so again when I need more.

- Jennifer

It is the easiest way to order this fabric. I love it!!!

- Jeanne

Wonderful service! I received prompt replies to my questions via email, and my fabrics arrived just a few days after I made my purchase.

- Sarah

I ordered a set of swatches from this store. They shipped promptly. The samples were clearly labeled and the fabric was nice. I plan to buy some actual yardage next.

- Patti


I just love doing business with your company.  The material is so great and smells so fresh.  Customer service is A+++++.

- Susie


I just received my order of organic cotton fleece and I couldn't be happier! It's perfect!

- Joanna


Thanks for the great customer service!

- Doreen


Thank you for all of your help. I appreciate the customer service. - Joy


Thank you for the prompt response. I love your shop and hope to do more business with you in the future.

- Summer


Received the items today. I'm quite happy with the fabrics and shredded rubber.

- Giselle


 I find you now and... I AM HAPPY you are doing Organic! You are great!

- Milka


Thanks for your excellent service. I've been a customer with you guys for about a decade now and have always enjoyed using your products. Actually, I don't know what I'd do without you!

 - Susan S.


I never told you how much I like your new web site. It's really nice! It's simple to use and looks cheery and fun. I like your knitting yarn section since I'm really into knitting right now.

- Julie M.