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jer•sey [jərzē]: Jersey fabric is a type of knit textile which can be made with many different fibers-such as cotton, hemp or wool. The textile is named for the island of Jersey, read more » one of the Channel Islands, located between England and France. The fabric is warm, flexible, stretchy, and very insulating, making it a popular choice for the layer worn closest to the body. Jersey also tends to be soft, making it very comfortable. A knitting machine is used to make jersey, since it can create the small, even, close grained stitches associated with jersey fabric. Like many other knit fabrics, jersey fabric has a right side and a wrong side. The right side of the material is marked by a series of very small lines which run vertically, and the wrong side has a horizontal grain. In most cases, a garment made from jersey fabric is sewn with the right side facing out, unless the seamstress is making a deliberate stylistic choice.

Suggested uses: Tee shirts, swaddle and receiving blankets, dresses and skirts, camisoles and tank tops, babies' layette items and clothing. « close text
Jersey-60-Natural-9.5oz Jersey-60-Natural-9.5oz SKU# 15734-03 60 | yard(s) Avail: 95
Lt. Jersey-60"-Natural-7.5oz Lt. Jersey-60"-Natural... SKU# 15857-03 60 | yard(s) Avail: 63
Stretch Jersey-60"-Nat'l Stretch Jersey-60"-Nat'l SKU# 15908-03 60 | yard(s) Avail: 292
Jersey-60"-Navy Jersey-60"-Navy SKU# 15734-104 | yard(s) Avail: 48
Jersey-56"-Nat'l-Business Builder Jersey-56"-Nat'l-Busin... SKU# N1518 | yard(s) Avail: 48
Lt Jersey-56"-Smoky Teal-Tubular Lt Jersey-56"-Smoky Te... SKU# 20780TEAL | yard(s) Avail: 70
Jersey-60"-White Jersey-60"-White SKU# 15734-105 | yard(s) Avail: 635
Jersey-60"-Lavender Jersey-60"-Lavender SKU# 15734-103 | yard(s) Avail: 89
Light Jersey-56"-Black Light Jersey-56"-Black SKU# 20780BLK | yard(s) Avail: 0
Stretch Jersey-56"-Black Stretch Jersey-56"-Black SKU# 20874BLK | yard(s) Avail: 39
Jersey-60"-Pink Jersey-60"-Pink SKU# 15734-101 | yard(s) Avail: 164
Jersey-60"-Baby Blue Jersey-60"-Baby Blue SKU# 15734-102 | yard(s) Avail: 60
Light Jersey-56"-Natural Light Jersey-56"-Natural SKU# 20780NAT | yard(s) Avail: 31
Light Jersey-56"-Mushroom Light Jersey-56"-Mushroom SKU# 20780MUSH | yard(s) Avail: 0
Light Jersey-56"-Collegiate Grey Light Jersey-56"-Colle... SKU# 20780COLGR | yard(s) Avail: 0
Light Jersey-56"-Seafoam Light Jersey-56"-Seafoam SKU# 20780SEA | yard(s) Avail: 15
Light Jersey-56"-Graphite Light Jersey-56"-Graphite SKU# 20780GRA | yard(s) Avail: 76
Stretch Jersey-56"-Plum Stretch Jersey-56"-Plum SKU# 20874PLU | yard(s) Avail: 50
Stretch Jersey-56"-White Stretch Jersey-56"-White SKU# 20874WHT | yard(s) Avail: 20
Light Jersey-56"-Hot Sauce Light Jersey-56"-Hot S... SKU# 20780HOTSC | yard(s) Avail: 70
Stretch Jersey-56"-Midnight Blue Stretch Jersey-56"-Mid... SKU# 20874MID | yard(s) Avail: 9
Light Jersey-56"-Amethyst Light Jersey-56"-Amethyst SKU# 20780AME | yard(s) Avail: 0
Light Jersey-56"-White Light Jersey-56"-White SKU# 20780WHT | yard(s) Avail: 83
Jersey, Ribbed-46"-Seaweed-3x3 Jersey, Ribbed-46"-Sea... SKU# N1058 | yard(s) Avail: 29
Stretch Jersey-56"-Natural Stretch Jersey-56"-Nat... SKU# 20874NAT | yard(s) Avail: 0
Jersey-48"-Black Jersey-48"-Black SKU# FBT01 | yard(s) Avail: 374
Jersey-48"-Lichen Jersey-48"-Lichen SKU# FBT03 | yard(s) Avail: 401
Stretch Jersey-60"-Black Stretch Jersey-60"-Black SKU# GG15908-101 | yard(s) Avail: 23
Jersey-48"-Red Jersey-48"-Red SKU# FBT04 | yard(s) Avail: 413
Jersey-52"-Red/Blue Stripe Jersey-52"-Red/Blue St... SKU# N9000STRP | yard(s) Avail: 159
Jersey-48"-Blue Jersey-48"-Blue SKU# FBT02 | yard(s) Avail: 409
Stretch Jersey-60"-Navy Stretch Jersey-60"-Navy SKU# GG15908-103 | yard(s) Avail: 38
Stretch Jersey-60"-Off White Stretch Jersey-60"-Off... SKU# GG15908-102 | yard(s) Avail: 41
Jersey-44"-Lotus Blossom Jersey-44"-Lotus Blossom SKU# MRK-04-BLT | yard(s) Avail: 33
Jersey-44"-Sunrise Jersey-44"-Sunrise SKU# MRK-02-BLT | yard(s) Avail: 46
Jersey-57"-Further Print Jersey-57"-Further Print SKU# JSJER003 | yard(s) Avail: 43
Jersey-44"-Embroidery Jersey-44"-Embroidery SKU# MRK-03-BLT | yard(s) Avail: 0
Jersey-57"-Which Way Print Jersey-57"-Which Way P... SKU# JSJER006 | yard(s) Avail: 44
Jersey-57"-Wake Up Print Jersey-57"-Wake Up Print SKU# JSJER005 | yard(s) Avail: 46
Jersey-57"-Belong Print Jersey-57"-Belong Print SKU# JSJER002 | yard(s) Avail: 49
Jersey-57"-Alright Print Jersey-57"-Alright Print SKU# JSJER001 | yard(s) Avail: 49
Jersey-56"-Brown/Green Stripe Jersey-56"-Brown/Green... SKU# JFY-5207 | yard(s) Avail: 200
Jersey-66"-Brown/Natural Stripe Jersey-66"-Brown/Natur... SKU# JFY-5206 | yard(s) Avail: 200
Light Jersey-55"-Natural Light Jersey-55"-Natural SKU# JFY-5202 | yard(s) Avail: 20