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Wovens - Colorgrown

Colorgrown-58"-Sturdy Winter Moss

1–4 $22.18
5–9 $20.51
10–19 $18.85
20–49 $17.74
50+ $16.63

SKU# N1804

yard(s) available: 61

Width: 58 inches

Weight: 6.6 oz. per sq yd

Color: Brown

Content: 100% organic colorgrown cotton

This fabric was made in the USA

Stunning is the only word to adequately describe this fabric. Delicately complex patterns are woven with colorgrown brown and natural fibers, that combine to create a versatile material that is so much more than the sum of its parts. There's something for everyone here: the fabric makes glorious clothing (skirts, pants, shorts, blazers, dresses, vests, etc.), upholstery and other home dec ventures like placemats and curtains, gifts like totebags and book covers... Really, this fabric is up for almost anything you can think of to make!

If you request a swatch of this you'll notice a significant difference in the look and feel. That's because this fabric hasn't been through the final wash. Once you wash it, it'll soften and shrink some, and become what I think is a nicer fabric. In exchange for the hard work of putting the fabric in the washing machine (this is one time when we do recommend washing and drying on hot), you save quite a bit of money. Everybody wins! (If, on the other hand, you prefer the crisper feel, you'll want to not wash the fabric or to only wash on cold and line dry. That works too.)