Stuffing/Batting-1 Lb. Bag

Base Price: $12.95
  • QTYPRICE PER pound(s)
    1–4 12.95
    5–9 $11.98
    10–19 $11.01
    20–49 $10.36
    50+ $9.71 141890163

SKU# 12000-BT

pound(s) available: 715

Sold by 1-lb. bag of loose fiber, approx. 9" round bag, sold by weight, not volume
Color: Natural
Content: 100% organic cotton fiber (has been carded)
Please note: The 1-lb. bag does not come in a full sheet.
This product is grown and milled in the USA!
GOTS Certified!
We recommend the use of a dust mask when handling cotton batting, as dust and loose fibers from this product may cause irritation.

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