wool [woo l] :  1. the fine, soft, curly hair that forms the fleece of sheep, characterized by minute, overlapping surface scales that give it its felting property;  2. fabrics and garments of such wool.

Our wool fabrics are made of 100% pure virgin wool, of fiber that has not been processed or woven before. The sheep are American-raised and the entire production process, from scouring the raw wool all the way to the finished fabric, is carried out completely within in the United States.

Uses:  Rug hooking, rug braiding, shirts, blankets, historical re-enactment clothing
Hemp/OC/Wool Tweed-56"-Ink Blue Hemp/OC/Wool Tweed-5... SKU# HEWL02-INKBLUE | 6 available
Local Wool-57"-Black Local Wool-57"-Black SKU# WR5160-915 | 11 available
Local Wool-57"-Graphite Local Wool-57"-Graphite SKU# WR5160-901 | 7 available
Local Wool-57"-Lemon Local Wool-57"-Lemon SKU# WR5160-385 | 4 available
Local Wool-57"-Natural Local Wool-57"-Natural SKU# WR5160-100 | 12 available
Local Wool-57"-Natural Ivory Local Wool-57"-Natur... SKU# WR5160-894 | 33 available
Local Wool-57"-Olive Local Wool-57"-Olive SKU# WR5160-749 | 5 available
Local Wool-57"-Red Local Wool-57"-Red SKU# WR5160-401 | 3 available
Local Wool-57"-Rust Brown Local Wool-57"-Rust ... SKU# WR5160-505 | 6 available
Local Wool-57"-White Local Wool-57"-White SKU# WR5160-102 | 3 available
Wool Herringbone-57"-Black/Grey Wool Herringbone-57"... SKU# WR7551 | 16 available
Wool Herringbone-57"-Brown Wool Herringbone-57"... SKU# WR7553 | 3 available
Wool Herringbone-57"-Grey/White Wool Herringbone-57"... SKU# WR7550 | 13 available
Wool Houndstooth-57"-Brown Wool Houndstooth-57"... SKU# WR7718 | 5 available