Wovens - Gauze, Voile & Batiste

Voile [voil; French vwal]: A lightweight, semisheer fabric of wool, silk, rayon, or cotton constructed in plain weave. From the French voile, meaning a veil, a light fabric read more » usually more or less transparent, intended to conceal the features in whole or in part or to serve as a screen against sunlight, dust, insects, etc., or to emphasize or preserve the beauty. Voile is a transparent, wiry material with a square mesh.  Ba•tiste [buh-teest]: A fine, often sheer fabric, constructed in either a plain or figured weave and made of any of various natural or synthetic fibers. Originally called "voile de baptiste" after Baptiste of Cambrai, said to have been first maker Suggested uses: Semi-sheer dress sleeves and overskirts, bridal veils, blouse inserts and ruffling, food storage bags, window treatments etc. « close text

Voile is a delicate, soft and sheer material. We love it for window treatments, wedding gowns, or even fruit and veggie bags for the market! Made in India.


Weight: 2 oz./sq. yd.


Width: 60 inches


Content: 100% Organic Cotton

PLEASE NOTE! Our new batch of natural voile can be found here!







Color: White
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Naturally Dyed Voile-59"

How can you resist these beautiful colors all made organically? Made in India.

2.0 oz/sq yd

Width: 59 inches

Content: 100% Organic Cotton

Semi-sheer and soft, this fabric is great for light skirts and dresses.

*Color variations may occur due to the natural dye process. This voile is artisan dyed in small batches and is not available in cuts greater than 3-yards.

Color: Dark Grey
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A balanced plain weave fabric often used for handkerchiefs, lingerie, liner for high quality garments. It's weight, smooth feel, and stable construction makes it very versatile material. Made in India.

2.5 oz/sq yd

Width: 57/58 inches

Content: Control Union (SKAL) 100% GOTS-certified cotton

OEKO-TEX standard 100 Certified Eco Friendly and Sustainable. Pre-shrunk to 3-5%.




Color: Natural
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Double Gauze-56"

So soft, this fabric makes for a perfect swaddle blanket! Since it is all organic, you can feel great about wrapping baby up in it! Made in China.

Weight: 4 oz.

Width: 56 inches

Content: 100% organic cotton

Need an idea? This fabric makes a great off the shoulder dress or blouse! Or choose it for light comfy pajamas!






Color: Castlerock
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Voile, Dobby-56"

A light penetrable sheer fabric in deep rich colors. Choose it for window drapery and soft furnishing. Made in China.

Weight: 2.6 oz./sq yd


56 inches

Content: 100% organic cotton dobby weave

Need an idea? Try this cool bias dress!


Color: Grape
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Batiste-44"-Frolic Collection

Inspired by the beauty of California's wildflowers, meadows and small coastal towns, Sarah created this collection of painterly, vibrant prints to share a little piece of her beloved home state with you. Designed by Sarah York for Cloud9 Fabrics.

Cotton Batiste is a semi-sheer, lightweight fabric with a soft face and a slight crispness.

  • Fabric: 100% Organic Cotton Batiste
  • Scale: First image represents approx. 8" square
  • Width: 44" width
  • Weight: 1.42 oz. 
  • Use for: Apparel, lightweight window dressings
  • Origin: Korea
  • Production: Grown and produced to GOTS standards, including dying and finishing processes. 

Care Instructions:

Machine wash cold with like colors. No chlorine bleach or fabric softener. Tumble dry low. Warm iron.

Color: Broadway
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Double Gauze-45"-Solids

This fabric is so soft, it makes for a perfect baby swaddle blanket. Add some style to baby with these vibrant colors! Made in India.


Weight: 4 oz/sq yd

45 inches

Content: 100% organic cotton





Color: Grass Green
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Lawn-45"-Wanderlust Collection

Lawn is a plain weave fabric using fine, high count yarns, which results in a silky, untextured feel. Ideal for gathered summer garments, scarves, delicate apparel and summer weight quilting. Made in China.

 1.9 oz/sq yd

Width: 45 inches

Content: 100% organic cotton




Color: Diamond in the Rough
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