Wovens - Flannel & Blanket Fabric

flan•nel [flan-l]: fabric made in plain or twill weave, usually with carded yarns. It is napped, most often on both sides, the degree of napping ranging from slight to so heavy read more » that the twill weave is obscured.   Origin: c.1500, probably from Welsh gwlanen "woolen cloth," from gwlan "wool," from Celtic *wlana -wool   Flannel is a relatively warm fabric, since still air is held in the fabric because of the napping.    Suggested uses: sleepwear, undergarments, sheets, etc. « close text

Perfectly soft and colorful 100% organic cotton flannel. Just perfect for baby blankets, crib sheets, diapers, and more!  

Made In: Pakistan

Width: 44"-45" inches

Weight: 4.5 oz / sq yd

Content: 100% certified organic cotton 

Check out these cute and cozy children's nightgowns!


Color: White
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Blanket Fabric-96"

Width: 96 inches

Weight: 12.5 oz. per square yard

Content: 100% organic cotton

Made In: India

This fabric is great for making blankets of course! So heavy, yet soft and cozy, you won't be able to resist cuddling right up into it!

Color: Blue
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Flannel-45"-White-Light SKUs# FLNL01-WHT | 153 available
Flannel-55"-Natural-... SKUs# 15708-21 60 | 0 available
Flannel-90"-Natural-... SKUs# 15708-21 84 | 520 available