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Halloween bagels

14 Terrific Uses for Organic Beeswax

We love to find eco-friendly materials to use in our everyday tasks.  Organic Beeswax pellets are natural and non-toxic, and can be used in so many ways in your sewing room and beyond!  Read on to discover lots of ways you can put organic beeswax to work in your life. 1. Food Wraps...

Halloween bagels

Guide to Prewashing Your Fabrics

Unless you won't be washing your finished project, new fabrics should be prewashed and dried in the same way the finished project will be washed and dried.  We'll walk you through why and how to prewash your fabrics.   Why? Shrinkage - Fabrics made from natural fibers can shrink up to...

Halloween bagels

How To Finish Hems Without Serger & Add Casing For Elastic

Creation: How To Finish Hems Without Serger & Add Casing For Elastic
Fabrics Used: Whisper Batiste Voile and Cotton Lace
The Visionary: Denise, Whimsy Couture
Our Thoughts: Denise at Whimsy Couture made a cute cotton blouse for her daughter using our Batiste Voile and Cotton Lace. We love the detailed tutorial!
 I want to show you a great way for finishing hems other than serged/rolled hemming. Some patterns require a hem finish with a serger but what if you don’ t have a serger? You can use this tutorial to finish any ‘to be serged’ hem other than with a serger.

The ‘secret’ is…..binding! I promise you, once you have tried to bind hems you will love it! But promise me, that you will take the time to read this tutorial with PLENTY of time on your hands!