Peace (Ahimsa) silk: "Ahimsa" is a sanskrit term that literally translates as “the avoidance of violence". In the context of silk fibre production, read more » "Ahimsa" refers to the ethical treatment of silkworms. Instead of boiling the silk cocoon or piercing it in order to release the silk fiber from the cocoons before the moth emerges, killing the silkworm in the process, Ahimsa or Peace silk is extracted only after a metamorphosing worm has emerged from its cocoon.  This means that the worm is allowed to complete an entire life cycle unharmed - or "peacefully". « close text
Charmeuse-56"-Hemp/Silk Blend

Take eye-catching to a whole new level with this incredibly beautiful, stunningly colored 70% hemp/ 30% silk blend. Shiny on one side and muted on the other, it's perfect for making absolutely splendid formal and semi-formal outfits. Made in China.


Weight: 4.7 oz/sq yd

Content: 70% Hemp 30% Silk

You'll love the feel and how sumptuously it drapes.
Some people make the most opulent duvet covers and curtains imaginable with hemp silk charmeuse, and you could too! Perfect for luxurious everyday wear, and fancy crafts (eye pillows, sachets, etc). 

Made from tussah silk and naturally-grown hemp raised as a companion crop in the fields of China without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers. The vast, vast majority of the silkworms are allowed to work their way free of the cocoon and continue their lives; the few that don't end up as highly-prized delicacies for the fiber workers. Farm and mill workers are paid a fair wage for their work, receive benefits, and have a significant amount of say about their jobs. Purchase this fabric knowing you are making a difference!

Silk should be hand-washed only, preferably with a special silk detergent. Pull into shape after washing and air dry. Be careful to iron the slightly damp cloth on low temperatures only. Sprinkling before ironing may cause water stains.

Need an idea? Take a look at this beautifully elegant Autumn Wrap dress.



Color: Natural
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