All items grown and manufactured right here in the USA! 
Baby Rib 30" Tubular

Soft and cozy, this tubular 1x1 rib knit is a marvelous workhorse fabric. Use it for almost every purpose -- it's wonderful for baby layettes, toddler clothes, big-kid T-shirts, adult goodies, and so much more. Substantial enough to be used for winter layers. You'll reach for this fabric again and again! Made in the USA!

We have a non-tubular white rib available here!

 30 inches tubular

Weight: 10 oz / linear yd

Content: 100% organic cotton





Color: Natural
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Baby Rib-28" Tubular

Rib is good for any body-conscious design and fit because the fabric has recovery without the element of Lycra. Many customers choose this material for twinsets, athletic attire, all sorts of baby clothes, and so much more. Made in the USA!

 28 inches tubular (56 inches open width)

Weight: 10 oz / linear yd

Content: 100% organic cotton

These rib fabrics can be used as a accent to accentuate a classic design, or for a more forward and fun full garment. Rib is also fantastic for babies', men's and children's tees, or women's tank tops. 

Like all our dyed fabrics, this one too is colored using low-impact dyes. Colors may vary from what is seen on the screen.



Color: Amethyst
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Such a nice fabric, this thermal is incredibly multipurpose and fun! You'll choose this light thermal for athletic wear, casual attire, and so much more. Made in the USA!

 60 inches

Weight: 12 oz. per linear yard

Content: 100% organic cotton

Made In: USA

You'll find this thermal a nice fabric to work with and wear. A marvelous choice for baby clothes and accessories as well, it's a splendid material for blankets, hats, cardigans, gowns, etc.

The cotton used to make this fabric is combed and ring spun. This low carbon and pesticide free tumble dried organic cotton thermal is dyed with fiber reactive dyes in a closed loop system where the water is perpetually recycled. 


Color: Natural
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