Zipper-Natural-6"-Closed Bottom

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  • QTYPRICE PER Zipper(s)
    1–4 $2.10
    5–9 $2.00
    10–19 $1.89
    20–49 $1.83
    50+ $1.75

$2.10/per Zipper(s) 159733863


Zipper(s) available: 778

Length: 6 inches

Color: Natural

Content: Brass Zipper attached to Organic Cotton Fabric, reinforced with polyester cord along one side of teeth


This length is excellent for pillow cases in both bedding and home decor, as well as for tote bags, handbags, backpacks and duffels. Also good for any type of pullover sweatshirt.


PLEASE NOTE: These zippers have "stops" at the ends and are not designed for outerwear.