Vegetable Dye-Lac Purple

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Color: Lac Black

Content: 8 oz.


Made from a combination of Coccus Lacca (Lac) and Oxalic Acid insect secretions. The secretion is a resinous substance secreted by the female Coccus Lacca insect - it has a reddish color.


Natural Vegetable Dyes are created from different parts of various plants such as roots, bark, leaves, berries or flowers, and are sustainably made from vegetable waste so that the living plant itself is not damaged. The dyes are extracted in the best eco friendly manner in order to retain their efficacy. The shades produced are rich, warm, and soothing. Unlike many synthetic dyes, these Natural Vegetable Dyes are non-polluting and promote a healthy & happy living environment.

With this dye you will also need:

  • 0.4 Oz Mordant - II (MORD100), or 5% of the weight of cotton to be dyed
  • 0.8 Oz Alum (ALUM505), or 10% of the weight of the cotton to be dyed
  • 1.6 Oz Dye Powder, or 20% of the weight of the cotton to be dyed.
  • Vinegar
  • Scale for measuring the mordant and dye powders
  • Liquid Measuring Cup
  • Spoon for stirring solutions
  • Wide-Mouthed Jar for filtering mordant and dye solutions
  • Fabric for filtering mordant solution
  • Dye pot - an old enamel pot or electric crockpot make excellent dye pots.  These should be dedicated to dyeing and not used for cooking.  
  • Rubber Gloves
  • Dust Mask

A wide variety of colors can be produced from the lac dye by increasing the alkalinity, going from bright red, to magenta, to dark purple. Adding iron will give a darker, almost black purple shade.