Certifications and Dcoumentation

Are all of your products GOTS certified?

We take a lot of care when selecting new products.  The environmental and social sustainability from field to our warehouse is important to us.  We offer a large assortment of products, some of which are GOTS certified, some have GOTS certification through the manufacturing, some are manufactured to the GOTS standard, and some items have other certification, such as OekoTex and Fair Wear.  We also carry some items that are not certified, but the fiber is grown on small farms that have committed to sustainable practices. 


For more information on the various levels of sustainability of your products see below:


GOTS Certification

GOTS Certified fabrics and fibers have GOTS certification documents from the field to our warehouse.  We can provide a transaction certificate for these items.  You can see our GOTS certified products here: 


GOTS Certified Through Manufacturing

We carry a lot of items that are GOTS certified when they leave the manufacturer, but pass through a non-certified business on the way to us.  These items are completely packaged when they leave the manufacturer, and so there is no risk of contamination on the way to us.  We are not able to provide GOTS transaction certificated for these items.


Produced to the GOTS Standard

Items that say they are produced to the GOTS standard are made in facilities that are not certified, but the items are produced using the practices outlined in the GOTS standard.


OekoTex Certification

We offer a few items, such as the natural shredded latex, that are OekoTex certified - these items have been tested for a variety of harmful substances, and have been found to be free of these substances.


Fair Wear Foundation

A few of our suppliers are associated with the Fair Wear Foundation, committed to providing a living wage, a reasonable work schedule, and safe and comfortable working conditions.



We have some items that go from farm to fabric in a small area, and are produced not too far from us.  We call these items "local".


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