What fabric would work best for my project?

There are a lot of things to consider when selecting a fabric.  Whether a fabric is woven or knit, what fiber it is made from, and the weight of the fabric can all affect whether a fabric is appropriate for a project.  Click here for more information on these topics and see below for some recommendations for specific projects.  If you don't see the information you are looking for, contact us for suggestions for your specific project at support@organiccottonplus.com.


What fabric is best for making sheets and bedding items?

Organic Cotton Plus offers several bedding fabrics that are perfect for making sheets, comforters, duvets, and pillowcases. Our 300 Thread Count Sateen, which comes in both 60” and 113” width, is our best-selling fabric for making bedding. We also offer 500-count Sateen in a 113” width and a 300-count Percale all in wide width. All of our bedding fabrics are particularly well suited for babies’ crib sheets and bedding for infants and toddlers too!


What fabrics work well for upholstery?

Duck is a great choice for upholstery that will stand up to use, and we have a large selection of warm and cool colors.   Alternatively, a hefty hemp/organic cotton twill or heavyweight hemp/oc canvas can provide years of wear.  Also, check out our selection of cotton and wool batting, and other fibers for filling cushions and pillows here.


I want to make an eco-friendly wedding gown - can you help me?

We certainly can! Organic Cotton Plus offers several natural fabrics that are simply beautiful when utilized in bridal attire. Our 300 Thread Count Sateen comes in both Natural and White and is a very popular fabric, especially when paired with our Natural and White Voile for sheer sleeves and overskirts. We also offer a decadently soft Natural Interlock with a gorgeous drape that is excellent for a flowing, body-hugging gown. And after being embellished with over-embroidery, beading and sequins, the Voile makes lovely one-of-a-kind veils too.


What fabrics do you carry that would work well for maternity clothing?

We carry Natural Interlock, Rib Knit, and several weights of Jersey (some with 5% spandex) that are wonderful fabrics for making maternity tops and dresses. All these fabrics have just a tiny bit of “give” that will lend maternity clothing that comfy fit without being binding.


What type of fabric should I use to make diapers or sanitary pads?

We find that the majority of our customers who make babies’ reusable diapers or women’s menstrual pads tend to purchase our Terry Cloth and/or our heavier-weight Flannels and Fleece for these items. Our thick, absorbent Terry Cloth is an excellent fabric for making diaper inserts and pads, while the Fleece makes great diaper covers as well as diaper inserts.


I want to make a blanket for a baby - what fabric do you suggest?

Double gauze is a light, airy, and soft fabric that is very popular for making baby blankets.  Another fabric commonly used for baby blankets is lightweight flannel, and we have a great selection of soft and supple lightweight flannels.


What fabrics and supplies do you have for quilters?

We have a great selection of quilt prints and solids suitable for piecing a quilt top and backing.  If you prefer a wide fabric to back your quilt, we have a variety of wide width sateens.   Check out our cotton batting and large selection thread colors.


I'm just learning to sew - do you have any kits?

From felt garlands to DIY pillow kits, check out our selection of kits - there's a project for everyone!  Our kits have instructions and materials all gathered together to make it easy to get started.  Kits make great gifts!


For more information on choosing a fabric visit our Choosing a Fabric - Fabric Types page.


We'd love to hear from you!  Don't hesitate to email us at support@organiccottonplus.com or call us at (855) SEW-PURE if you can't find the answer to your question.