Stuffing/Batting-75"-Folded Roll

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  • QTYPRICE PER roll(s)
    1–4 $75.83
    5–9 $72.04
    10–19 $68.44
    20–49 $65.02
    50+ $61.77 4686598963305


roll(s) available: 29

Sold by 4-lb. folded roll packed in a box.

Color: Natural
Content: 100% Organic Cotton Fiber

The 4-lb. roll unfolds into a full sheet measuring approx. 3/4" thick x 75" wide x approx. 79" long and can be used in multiple layers or be pulled apart by hand for stuffing bed and throw pillows, cloth toys and dolls, or cut with scissors to make smaller pieces for crib quilts or wall hangings.


This unfolded roll is designed to be used in comforters, duvets, or quilts which will fit on a king sized bed.


This product is grown and milled in the USA.


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