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Medium Grade Buckwheat Hulls-1 Lb. Bag

Medium Grade Buckwheat Hulls-1 Lb. Bag
1–4 $3.96
5–9 $3.66
10–19 $3.37
20–49 $3.17
50+ $2.97


bag(s) available: 262

Weight: 1-lb bag, sold by weight, not by volume

Color: Dark Brown

Content: 100% organic Buckwheat Hulls

Sold by 1-lb. bag

These buckwheat hulls are a medium grade approved as mulch for organic farming.


A standard bed pillow will use 6 to 7 lbs. per pillow, a King size pillow will use 9 lbs. or more, depending on how firm a pillow is needed.

Great eco friendly option for replacing plastic pellets uses in poufs, bean bag chairs, ottomans, and cloth toys!

We recommend the use of a dust mask when handling buckwheat hulls, as dust from degraded shells may cause irritation.


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