Shredded Mixed Latex/Dark -20 Lb. Bag

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    1–4 $199.99   $99.99
    5–9 $199.98   $99.99
    10–19 $199.98   $99.99
    20–49 $199.98   $99.99
    50+ $199.98   $99.99

$99.99/per pound(s) 6847222972521


pound(s) available: 35

Mixed natural and synthetic talalay shredded from the scraps leftover from manufacture of mattresses and pillows.  This reclaimed product keeps these scraps out of the landfill.
Color: Mixed
Weight: 20 lb. bag, sold by weight, not by volume
Content: A mix of Natural and Synthetic Shredded Talalay Foam Rubber
Suggested Uses: Mattresses and futons, pillows, stuffed animals and fabric dolls, craft projects.
Talalay is processed without the use of harsh chemicals, is odor free and does not off-gas.
Certification: Oeko-Tex Class 1
The 20-lb. bag of shredded rubber measures approx. 14" x 7" x 6".
We recommend the use of a dust mask when handling shredded rubber, as dust from this product may cause irritation.
Made in the US, Available only until it runs out.