Swedish Tracing Paper

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Swedish Tracing Paper comes in 10-yard long rolls, 29" wide.


Have you heard people raving about Swedish Tracing Paper? If you haven't, you probably will soon. A bit heavier than Kwik Trace Cloth without the dots that people find either annoying or incredibly helpful, Swedish Tracing Paper can actually be used in fitting. Trace your pattern onto the STP and cut it out -- this saves your original pattern, which will have a much longer life life uncut ... and STP is much more durable than the tissue paper that so many patterns are printed on! You can actually baste the STP pieces together, make any necessary alterations for a custom fit, remove the basting, and use the pattern pieces to cut your fabric. As one of our workers enthusiastically asked, "how cool is that???!!"


Drapably soft, yet strong enough to sew on, you'll love the master patterns you create from Swedish Tracing Paper.


Another popular use is for ensuring the perfect fit when you're sewing for babies and small children who're far away. Just outline the baby's body onto a piece and send the STP to your far-away sewing enthusiast. They'll be thrilled to have actual measurements ... and it's quite possible that the STP itself will end up in a scrapbook/baby memories box later, to be pulled out and marvelled at in years to come!


The rolls can be bent for shipping; it leaves a crease in the STP which doesn't affect its overall functionality. We've never had any difficulty using creased STP, and we're pretty sure you won't either.


One warning, though: Swedish Tracing Paper can be addictive; you'll want to make sure you don't run out!

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