Vegan Leather / Washable Paper

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    1–4 $11.30
    5–9 $10.73
    10–19 $10.20
    20–49 $9.79
    50+ $9.40

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Vegan and humane substitute for leather!  Made from FSC certified and ethically sourced pulp and it is manufactured in Germany!

Vegan and humane substitute for leather!

Width: 19 inches

Thickness: .55 mm  

Color: Natural

Machine wash your vegan leather to give it more flexibility and to make it easier to sew with.


Crumple the vegan leather before washing for best results. Crumple again before putting it in your dryer. Remove while still damp and lay flat to completely dry. Detergent is optional.


You can iron it on the cotton setting to smooth it out if desired. (Once the vegan leather is washed, it will retain a textured surface even after ironing.)


Most easily cut with a rotary cutter, acrylic rulers, and a cutting mat. Dedicate a cutting tool and sewing needle to your vegan leather.


Use clips to hold in place as pins will leave perforations.


Doesn't require interfacing.


We recommend using a longer stitch length when sewing to prevent tearing. 


Inkjet printers inks, non-permanent markers, colored pencils, and other water-based products will fade with washing. For permanent color, use acrylic-based products, permanent ink products, or set with an acrylic-based medium. Testing is recommended, as results will vary.


For best embossing results, slightly dampen before embossing. 


Scoring before folding results in a more polished final piece. To score, simply place a ruler along the desired fold line and run your preferred scoring tool along the edge of the ruler, apply firm and steady pressure. 


Most adhesives can be used, but testing is recommended. 


Stamping, printing and embossing work best on the smooth side of the vegan leather. Pre-washing the vegan leather will give it a more "distressed" look to your project, but testing is recommended.