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Voile is a delicate, soft and sheer material. We love it for window treatments, wedding gowns, or even fruit and veggie bags for the market! Made in India.


Weight: 2 oz./sq. yd.


Width: 60 inches


Content: 100% Organic Cotton

PLEASE NOTE! We are out of the original 15899-03 60 natural voile. We are offering this new batch which is the same fabric although it it much stiffer and more crisp than the previous voile we've offered.







Color: Natural CRISP
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Naturally Dyed Voile-59"

How can you resist these beautiful colors all made organically? Made in India.

2.0 oz/sq yd

Width: 59 inches

Content: 100% Organic Cotton

Semi-sheer and soft, this fabric is great for light skirts and dresses.

*Color variations may occur due to the natural dye process. This voile is artisan dyed in small batches and is not available in cuts greater than 3-yards.

Color: Dark Grey
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Voile, Dobby-56"

A light penetrable sheer fabric in deep rich colors. Choose it for window drapery and soft furnishing. Made in China.

Weight: 2.6 oz./sq yd


56 inches

Content: 100% organic cotton dobby weave

Need an idea? Try this cool bias dress!


Color: Grape
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Lawn-45"-Wanderlust Collection

Lawn is a plain weave fabric using fine, high count yarns, which results in a silky, untextured feel. Ideal for gathered summer garments, scarves, delicate apparel and summer weight quilting. Made in China.

 1.9 oz/sq yd

Width: 45 inches

Content: 100% organic cotton




Color: Diamond in the Rough
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Voile-58"-Black Voile-58"-Black SKUs# O031-1019VO | 61 available
Voile-58"-Black/White Stripe Voile-58"-Black/Whit... SKUs# OCST01STRIPE | 15 available
Voile-57"-Dachshund Print Voile-57"-Dachshund ... SKUs# JSVOILE991 | 47 available