Sateen, Percale, and Barrier Cloth

Sateen is a woven fabric that has floats on the front that give the fabric a wonderful drape and sheen.  We offer 55" and 113" wide sateen in natural, white, and assorted prints from Harmony Art.  Here are some projects that sateen works well for:


  • Sheets and pillowcases
  • Pillows (check out our sateen pillow kits here)
  • Comforters
  • Pajamas
  • Wedding dresses and formal wear

The lighter weight 230 Thread Count and 300 Thread Count sateen is softer and has more drape than the 500 Thread Count, which is heavier and has a crisper hand.  We recommend that you order swatches so that you can feel the difference.  You can see our full collection of sateens here.


Percale is a woven fabric that is a plain weave.  It is much crisper than the sateen, and is wonderful for bedding.  We offer the percale in natural, white, and Harmony Art's "Uncomplicated" print.


Barrier Cloth is a woven plain weave, similar to percale, except that it is heavier and more tightly woven.  It is so tightly woven that it prevents dust mites from coming through, which makes it the perfect fabric for:


  • Mattress Covers
  • Pillows (see our Premium Pillow Kit here)
  • Pillow Covers

We now carry the barrier cloth in both a 100" width and a 50" width.


For more information on choosing a fabric visit our What Fabric will Work Best for My Project? and Choosing a Fabric - Fabric Types pages.


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