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Double Gauze Carolyn Pajamas Tuesday, December 27 2016
Creation: Carolyn Pajamas
Fabrics Used: Opal Double Gauze
The Visionary: Allie, Allie J
Our Thoughts: Allie J took on a classic PJ pattern with our super soft organic cotton double gauze - and what a lovely creation indeed!
My pajamas are the Carolyn in the short sleeves + boxers version, made with the organic cotton double gauze in opal from Organic Cotton Plus. I wanted to compare this double gauze to the only other double gauze I've used, a Nani Iro floral which I made into a crop top and short shorts co-ord (and a little skirt which I really ought to unpick and resew as I never wear it). It's quite nice, a little looser than the Nani Iro, and wonderful for snuggling up in. If you like your pajamas soft soft soft this could be your new favorite!

I used a pack of ric rac from my stash instead of piping and had just enough. It's not perfect, but even in its imperfection I think it's a nice touch, and, after all, it's just pajamas!

My only complaint about the pajamas is that the back of my neck looks a little sloppy where you topstitch down the collar. Heather mentions (in this great tutorial) picking this collar construction expressly because she dislikes facings/yokes, so I think this is just personal preference, but is there a better way to sew this type of collar? Does anyone have suggestions? I'd really like to make a bunch of pairs of  these (and I already have my next fabric selected!) but I'd love to know if you have any tips!

What are you reading? And do you like to wear matching pajama sets, or are you more of a boxers and tee shirt sleeper? I admit to wearing my nike shorts more frequently to sleep in than run in, what about you?


    January 09, 2017 Olivia says:

    So pretty!! Can you point me to where you got the pattern?

    January 16, 2017 Jeanne says:

    Love these PJs I must try this double gauze.
    What pattern did you use and how many yards.

    February 06, 2017 Jeanne Hupprich says:

    What pattern did you use and how much yardage should I order. Love the PJ’s

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