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Double Gauze Dove Blouse Tuesday, March 28 2017
Creation: Dove Blouse
Fabrics Used: Blue Double Gauze
The Visionary: Lara, Handmade by Lara Liz
Our Thoughts: Lara used our super soft double gauze for a spectacularly comfortable Dove blouse!
Organic Cotton Plus reached out to me a couple weeks ago and offered to send me a couple of yards of fabric for me to make into a garment to share with all of you! I am so excited to share my Dove Blouse today.
I’ve been dying to make a Dove blouse since it was released. I used Organic Cotton Plus’ Double Gauze and it was a perfect fit!
The Dove Blouse has a couple different views and sleeve lengths which I always like in a pattern. I was nervous about the flared sleeve on me, so I opted for the straight sleeve.
Also after the recommendation from Lara from Lara Handmade I eliminated the seam down the middle of the v neck. I thought it made it much more streamline. Anyone looking to make the Dove blouse should check out Megan Neilsen’s Design Diary. Also per Lara’s recommendation, I followed her tips while sewing up my Dove Blouse and it was a huge help! I know that eliminating a seam in a v-neck should be easy, but I messed it up on my muslin – so glad I read the Design Diary.
My favorite part of the Dove blouse is the hem. I have never sewed anything with a hem facing, but it made sewing the curve hem a breeze. I love the way it looks. I think next time I might add an inch to the bodice. I felt that the hem on the sides came up a little bit high but it isn’t a huge deal.
The fabric was perfect for this top – I had never sewn with a double gauze prior to this and I think I will not be afraid to sew with them in the future. They’re really comfortable and are easy to sew with. After sewing with so much rayon lately, it was a nice break!
What I loved most about this fabric was how it washed up. Normally when I pull fabric out of the dryer it is a wrinkled mess – and my muslin double gauze fabric I used was a total wrinkled mess. When I pulled the Organic Cotton Plus fabric out of the dryer it was ready to sew! A major win for this sewist. Their fabric is all 100% cotton and you can really see it in the quality of the fabric.


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