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Green Bay Shirt Thursday, October 8 2015
Creation: Green Bay Shirt
Fabrics Used: Green Cotton Baby Rib
The Visionary: Cindy, Siestas and Sewing
Our ThoughtsCindy at Siestas and Sewing made a fun, casual shirt for her handsome son.
pattern: Ottobre Design 04/2013 #39 "Linear"
size: 152 width, 158 length
fabric: Green Striped Baby Rib from Organic Cotton Plus, light gray ribbing for neck binding and cuffs from my stash, same with the dark gray sweatshirt fleece for the pocket

My son prefers 100% cotton fabrics for his clothes (that goes for RTW too). But the fabric had better be soft and not scratchy! The striped baby rib is definitely soft. I was surprised when I opened the box at how soft it was. And after several trips through the wash, it's even softer. But not "slinky".;)
 If you're like me and really don't know much about the difference between organic and conventional cotton, Organic Cotton Plus has a learning center page full of information.  I knew that pesticides were used on regular cotton but didn't realize that chemicals were used for soil prep and harvesting too.  It's eye opening to see that harsh chemicals are part of every process from planting to processing.  Eye opening and a bit scary!


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