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Flirty Party Dress Tuesday, January 27 2015
Creation:  Party Dress
Fabrics UsedFields of Honey Sateen
The Visionary: Rochelle New, Lucky Lucille
Our Thoughts:  Rochelle at Lucky Lucille made a whimsical party dress out of our Fields of Honey Sateen. Pretty pink contrasts so vividly with solid black details - we love it!
 Fresh out of the dryer
I picked an organic cotton sateen from their Harmony Arts collection called Fields of Honey. I’m really drawn to big, bold prints so when I saw this one I just couldn’t resist! Now, before you look at the price of this fabric and wince at what two yards might cost you, let me show you what two yards of this 110″ wide print actually looks like…
It flows over my couch!! When you consider just how large two yards of this fabric actually is, the cost is seriously a bargain!

This fabric is every quilter’s/home dec sewer’s dream. That’s easily one whole quilt back in a single piece. Not to mention this is the type of fiber that swanky hotel duvet covers are made out of: gorgeous eco friendly organic cotton twill with that ever so slight satin-y finish that’s just the perfect blend of crisp and soft. I really didn’t think about how big of a piece I was getting in the mail, so after the initial shock of “wow that’s a lot of fabric!!” my immediate thought was “I really should have asked for a solid color so I could make some curtains!” If there’s anything I NEED to be sewing for my home right now, it’s curtains…

But, I picked the fancy party dress fabric so a fancy party dress I made!
This fabric is an absolute dream to sew with. It has all the benefits of a cotton (which is my favorite material to sew and wear) but with the added little special something of sateen to make it so much more than just a cotton. I love how the satin finish catches the light ever so slightly.

Now, there is a design flaw in the pattern I picked with this particular fabric since there’s a seam in the front of the skirt which cuts off the print a bit awkwardly. If I had thought about that first, I would have cut a seamless full circle for the skirt instead. Next time (because oh yes there will be a next time!) I sew with this fabric I’ll try a seamless skirt version instead. Maybe in a baby blue color with some of their organic cotton lace trim?? Hmmmm…
I added lots of solid black details, including a black crinoline skirt underneath, to off set the large print and I really love the way it turned out! Here you can really see the weave of the twill. It’s the perfect mid weight: sturdy, but still has a nice drape.
I washed this fabric in cool water and tumble dried it on low and it turned out just fine, I truly cannot say enough good things about this fabric.

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    March 16, 2015 Harmony says:

    WOW!!! Just saw this for the first time today and I am swooning over hear at Harmony Art. You are amazing. Thanks for bringing the fabric to life so beautifully! Your kind comments just made my day!

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