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Halloween bagels

How To Finish Hems Without Serger & Add Casing For Elastic

Creation: How To Finish Hems Without Serger & Add Casing For Elastic
Fabrics Used: Whisper Batiste Voile and Cotton Lace
The Visionary: Denise, Whimsy Couture
Our Thoughts: Denise at Whimsy Couture made a cute cotton blouse for her daughter using our Batiste Voile and Cotton Lace. We love the detailed tutorial!
 I want to show you a great way for finishing hems other than serged/rolled hemming. Some patterns require a hem finish with a serger but what if you don’ t have a serger? You can use this tutorial to finish any ‘to be serged’ hem other than with a serger.

The ‘secret’ is…..binding! I promise you, once you have tried to bind hems you will love it! But promise me, that you will take the time to read this tutorial with PLENTY of time on your hands! 

Halloween bagels

Sommer Romper

Creation: Sommer Romper

Materials Used: Foxgloves Navy Poplin, Stem Dot Pink Poplin, Rain Broadcloth & 5mm natural lace

The Visionary: Terra at Mama Says Sew!

Our Thoughts: We love Terra's choice of prints with the Foxgloves Navy and Stem Dot Pink poplins, complimented by a Rain broadcloth lining. Not to mention the pattern is adorable!


I love trying out fabric from Organic Cotton Plus. The navy fabric I used for this romper is probably my favorite that I've tried from them so far. I love the print, and it's so soft! There is also a similar print that I really wanted to try that looks like it's from the same line. It's called Fox in the Foxgloves.

Halloween bagels

Jungle Print Play Clothes

Creation: Jungle Print Play Clothes

Fabrics Used: Waverine Interlock & White Fine Rib

The Visionary: Cindy, Siestas & Sewing

Our Thoughts: Cindy at Siestas & Sewing made a cute skater dress and play top for her adorable daughters using our Waverine Interlock and White fine Rib.

My daughters chose the Waverine Interlock which is an animal print for this project. and a coordinating rib knit (I ordered the White Fine Rib). 


Halloween bagels

Fun Flowery Print Dress

Creation: Fun Flowery Print Dress

Fabrics Used: Lunada Bay Voile

The Visionary: Donna, Once Upon a Sewing Machine

Our Thoughts:  Donna at Once Upon a Sewing Machine made a spring dress for her daughter using our Lunada Bay Voile fabric. She looks adorable!


The fabrics at Organic Cotton Plus are 100% organic. They have expanded their lines to include knits a well as all kinds of woven fabrics. If you are looking for high quality organic fabrics this is a good place to start. After I was finished with my project, I was left with piece of fabric that I will use in the warmer weather for a summer tunic. We’ve actually already placed another fabric order as well.