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Garden Inspirations Monday, March 27 2023

Spring holds the promise of warm days, and the garden is calling!   Here is a list of 10 garden supplies and project ideas for your organic gardening adventure:


1.  Garden Apron / Tool Belt Pattern - This pattern contains several styles of aprons and a tool belt to help protect clothing and keep tools handy. 

2.  Travel Pillow Kit - This kit contains the instructions and materials for a small pillow that can be used as a kneeling pad.

3.  Jute Burlap and Cheesecloth - Burlap and cheesecloth can be used to cover and protect plants from the sun, wind, and insects.

4.  Organic Cotton Baker's Twine and undyed Hemp Twine - Twine works well for tying up tomatoes and other climbing plants


5. Canvas Bag Kit - Add pockets to the outside of the canvas bag kit to create a garden tote to keep tools close by as you garden.

6.  Felt by the Yard - Wool felt can be used to make felt pots for container gardening

7.  Hemp Rope and Webbing - Durable hemp rope can be used to make everything from a plant hanger to a trellis fence.  Hemp webbing can be used for repairing lawn furniture, handles on a tote, or a sturdy edging for a tarp.


8. Buckwheat Hulls, Raw CottonWool Fiber, and Wool Nepps - Natural fibers are excellent for mulching and water retention, and eventually decompose and enrich soil.  


    9.  Otter Wax - Otter wax can be used to condition and waterproof fabrics.


    10.  Scissors - Keep a pair of these great scissors in your gardening apron to cut lengths of twine, and for trimming and harvesting garden plants.





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