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14 Terrific Uses for Organic Beeswax Friday, January 13 2023

Organic yellow beeswax pellets

We love to find eco-friendly materials to use in our everyday tasks.  Organic Beeswax pellets are natural and non-toxic, and can be used in so many ways in your sewing room and beyond!  Read on to discover lots of ways you can put organic beeswax to work in your life.

1. Food Wraps - Coat lightweight fabrics (such as muslin or linen) with melted beeswax to make a natural substitute for plastic wrap in the kitchen and lunchbox.  Cover bowls, wrap sandwiches, keep cut vegetables fresh, and lots more - the possibilities are endless!

Beeswax Food wraps

2. Thread Conditioner - Pull your thread through a block of beeswax to strengthen it and prevent tangles when hand sewing or doing beadwork.

Beeswax Thread Conditioner

3. Resist for painting or dyeing fabric - Apply melted beeswax to your fabric to create a dye resist when painting or dyeing.  Use a brush or tjanting (batik tool) to apply to your artwork, or use with stamps to create an overall pattern design.

Beeswax dye resist - batik

4. Candles - Organic beeswax candles are free from chemicals and fragrances that can cause health issues.  Beeswax candles burn longer and drip less than other candles.  Use our Hemp Wick to make dipped and poured candles.  

Beeswax Candles

5. Water Resistance - Avoid petroleum based waterproofing agents by using organic beeswax.  Just melt the beeswax and apply to fabrics to make them water resistant - great for packs and outerwear!

Water resistance organic beeswax

More ways to add organic beeswax to your everyday routines:

6. Make natural cosmetics, chapstick, hair products, and salves 
7. Use as furniture polish
8. Unstick zippers by running beeswax along the teeth
9. Use as a lubricant for wood (such as sticky drawers)
10. Create your own homemade art supplies - add soap shavings and food colors for diy crayons
11. Waterproof your shoes
12. Add a bit to mineral oil to condition your chopping block
13. Apply to tools to prevent rusting
14. Add a small amount to homemade soap to make it last longer


    Organic yellow beeswax pellets melt quickly and are easy to use!  

    Yellow beeswax pellets - organic


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